Study of Surat Al Maidah


Surat Al Maidah

This time I will explain about the meaning and content of the letter al-Maidah, 
which is where the letter al Maidah is the fifth letter in the Qur'an is composed of 120 verses. 
Surat Al Maidah which comes from the Arabic Al Maidah which means feast or dish. 
Surat Al Maidah a letter to five in the Qur'an. Surat Al Maidah consists of 120 
verses and belonged madaniyah letter because the letter Al Maidah sent down 

in the city of Medina. Even if there are verses revealed in Mecca, but this verse 
was revealed after the Prophet Muhammad SAW hijrah to Medina, when the event 
Farewell Pilgrimage. 
This letter is called Al Maidah for describing the story of faithful followers 
of prophet isa a.s. asked the prophet isa a.s. that Allah lowered to merka Al Maidah 
(dishes) from the sky. And dinamaka Al Uqud or meaningful agreement, since the word 
canteen in the first paragraph in this letter, in which Allah commanded that 
his servants 
to fulfill his promise to God and the covenant - the covenant they made each other. 
Called also Al Munqizd or the means to save, because at the end of Al Maidah contains 
the story of the prophet isa a.s. rescuers followers - loyal followers of the punishment of Allah.
Below are the main points of the contents of the letter Al Maidah.
Highlights of key content
1.Faith : Rebuttal to those who deify Jesus a.s.
2.Laws: the necessity to fulfill the agreement, the law violates the greatness of God, 
the food was lawful and forbidden by Allah, the law to marry, tayamum, shower, laws kill 
people, disrupt law and security mengaganggu, qishaas law, the law violates the oath 
and kafaaratnya, animal law when ihram, the testament of the intestate laws.
3. The story - a story: the story of the prophet Moses told his people entering 
the U.S. palestine, the story of Abel and Cain, the story of the prophet isa a.s.
4. And another - another: must be gentle in the sesam believers mighty against the 
disbelievers, penyepurnaan Religion of Islam at the time of the Holy Prophet 
Muhammad, must honestly and justly, the attitude in the face of news - due to 
the false news of friends who are not familiar Muslims, the curse of Allah against 
those - Jews, the apostle obligation is only convey religious, Jews and Christians 
attitude towards Islam, the temple, God's warning to leave the arab habit 
of ignorance, ban - a ban on the statement - a statement that led to narrowness 
in religion.
So a little explanation about Al Maidah letter that I post this time, may be 
a benefit to the visitors of this blog.
Thanks you have read the post about the explanation of Surat Al Maidah.
The last verse of al-Maidah letter is very interesting that how great humankind and 
the magnitude of the power of Allah. In this verse Allah says, no one should expect 
to get out of the power of God, so that it can carry out an act without desire and 
his will. When you do it for the purpose of the world, know that Allah is the owner 
of the universe, and your world is small. Therefore hurry to get to the path of God,
 and be his servant. Because of a drop of water with a drop of meeting others can 
create an ocean, and to join in all Supreme power and all of God's infinite magnitude. 
(IRIB Indonesia)
Thus the interpretation of the letter of Al Maidah verse 119 and 120 that I post this 
time, may be a benefit to the visitors of this blog.
Thanks you have read the post about the explanation of Surat Al Maidah.


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